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Himalayan Passage


This painting incorporates hand-carved block prints of lotuses which symbolize the spiritual journey.  Ribbons and mirror discs from the wedding market in Old Delhi represent unity and reflection.  Peacocks surround a passageway containing 2 Himalayan crystals.   These crystals have grown nearest to the celestial bodies for eons of time.  They have absorbed the wisdom of the yogis and the saints of India.  They are viewed as the “Eyes of God” and are believed to raise consciousness for all of humanity.




The mandala incorporated into this painting symbolizes unity and new beginnings.  Materials such as turmeric powder, sandalwood paste and pomegranate juice were used along with ribbons, and mirror discs that were found in the wedding market in Old Delhi. Stampings from Indian block prints of lotuses and vines are woven in along with paisleys or “healing tears” surrounded by copper leaf all adding to the prana or life force of the painting.









Nuptial Chamber

These works were inspired by the Nuptial Chamber at Sanskriti Museums.  It is customary in the Bihar region of India to make an elaborate nuptial chamber at the house of the bride.  The bride and bridegroom spend three nights together here in celibacy.  On the fourth night they cohabit here.

Symbols of fertility and proliferation such as kissing birds, entwined snakes, blooming lotuses and butterflies are painted directly on the walls.  A pile of small magical objects is placed over a clay elephant on which the bride offers vermillion powder, a symbol of life and eternity.



Monthly Gong Meditations at the Community Mindfulness Project/Halo Studios

photograph with Jocelyn Braxton Armstrongs Wings Installation