24" x 36"

Monoprint on metal plate 

Artist's Statement

The cycle of life is presented in these works; the ephemeral to the ethereal.   The juxtaposition of organic form with the tranquility of an evening landscape bridges the worlds of the rooted to the transcended.


Images are derived from sketchbooks, plant materials run through the printing press, the river that flowed in front of my childhood home, an old botany book rescued from a house moments away from being demolished, pieces of the landscape collected.

The process used is paper lithography in which the paper is the printing plate and, in this case, a sheet of metal receives the print.  This is a reversal of the usual printing process used in order to capture the moody, psychological depth and surface quality of the antique daguerreotype.  As a method to construct then deconstruct the surfaces are alternately built up and then abraded reflecting on the growing, changing, and thriving of living things and their subsequent destruction and decay.